This way to Forever review


Hi everyone!

I receive this book for an honest review and an honest review I will give. The story is about Sara and her love life and her decisions. Sara is a very young woman who find herself in a love triangle. She falls madly in love with Tad who is a super-hot guy from Poland. Their love seems impossible and even though they love each other they call it off. Then Sara meet Ethan at Grad School and they start a relationship but deep down Sara is still loves Tad. But to tell you the truth I feel like Sara is an immature girl who act like she’s the only important person in the world. I think she didn’t appreciated either of her boyfriends. Tad wasn’t perfect but for me he was trying to do what was best for them and their future. Ethan was my favorite. He knew how to love her and she made him suffer as well.

Now let me talk about a few things I did not like in this book. I felt that Loren Kleinman wrote too much about this young characters getting Hi for no good reason. Call me old fashion but I think it gives the wrong message to our young kids. Also I feel like Sara’s Mom and Dad were too easy-going and let her.

I like the way Loren Kleinman write. I give this book 3.75 out of 5 stars. I’m looking forward to read more books from Loren.


Hi everyone!

It has been so long since we posted a review together. I also received this book in exchange of an honest review. The truth is I did not love this book. I found Sara the main character annoying and immature, I was not a fan of her “getting hi” times. Then there was Tad that for my thinking he was a red flag from the beginning specially when he told Sara about his agreement to pay for school. If im going to be honest I found this book kind of boring, sometimes it felt like it was the same over and over, Tad did something and they broke up, then forgive each other and so on. By 3/4 of the book comes Ethan, a really nice guy that was a way better choice and treated her with respect and loved her so much and there goes Sara being and immature girl who is not sure about what she wants and keep complicating things. I give this book 2 stars out of five


Yashira 😘


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