Midsummer at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray Review


Hi everyone!!!

Midsummer at Eyre Hall is the 3rd book of the Eyre Hall collection. Luccia Gray once again has given us a wonderful book. In some way I believe that in this book is where Jane has experience more happiness. Don’t get me wrong, she experience some pretty awful stuff. But we can count with my favorite character Michael to save the day!!! I have mix feelings with what Mr. Junot  (the Sin-Eater) did in this book.  I wish there were another way to solve/fix the predicament without his help.

Now let me talk about the Villains. And I’m going to do it in the order of the one a dislike to the one I kind of hate. The first one is Mr. Pooler, he’s a new character and he was a grotesque man. But I think he got what he deserve. The second one is Archbishop Templar, my suspicions where confirm in this book about his evil behavior. Now for the 3rd one Susan Kirkpatrick I was very disappointed in her. She thought she deserve everything. And she acted like Michael belong to her and nobody else. I’m not going to lie I want it to go in the book and slap some sense into her.  For the winner of the Villains the trophy goes to!!!!!! John Rochester. Wow!!! he got me so mad!! I know we shouldn’t use the word hate, but I really did hate him. I get so mad with him that I can write 20 pages about how stupid, arrogant, selfish he is. To tell you the truth I was hoping for something worst for him.

Even though there are villains in the book, there are awesome characters too. I like Max, I think he is the opposite to John. I think he is a gentle soul and a really kind person. I kind of feel sorry for Helen. I know that Jane and Michael loved her and protected her I feel she didn’t feel really love. Annette didn’t make the right choices. I’m a bit sad for her, I know Love is Love but she love the wrong man and she suffered for it.  I have mix feelings for Adele. She wasn’t bad, but she didn’t help either.  I thing John deserved what happened to her.  I love the new scene in Cornwall. I wish they stay there. They were really happy there.

I think you should read these book, I know you’ll love them too. I know this is the last book in the trilogy but I hope Luccia Gray will come up with more stories!!!!


I give this book 5 out of 5




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