Avenging (Rising, #3) By Holly Kelly Review



We have finally finished book 3 yay! only one more to come and we will be complete. Like the previous books I also love this one even tho I did not like one little detail which you will read about soon. Avenging is about Nicole and Triton’s (hottie) situation, you will still read about the other characters from the previous books, but here comes what I didn’t like to much and it is that I had to wait until basically half of the book to read about Sara and Xanthus. Don’t get me wrong I still love Nicole and Triton but for me Sara and Xanthus are special and I get worried when I don’t read anything about them.

I love Nicole and Triton relationship they are made for each other, she is really funny and curious, she made me laugh with her questions or the way she reacts to things. In this book lots of secrets are revealed and they are wow good!!!! Triton loves Nicole so much he will do anything for her, even torture someone if is necessary, he did have some crazy torture ideas like the one with immortality and rats 😬. This book has 2 evil/ crazy/ mean/ I can’t wait to punch in the face kind of guys.

About Sara and Xanthus, when they are back in the book things get so good, intense and super cool that you will have lots of feelings. I have to say that Triton made me laugh because he didn’t want to be called grandpa lol.



Hi everyone!!!!

This is the 3rd Book of the Rising Series. I thought that this was the last book in the series but there’s one more book coming out in April 2016. If my memory is a bit good the 4th book is going to be the final book of the Series.  I love this books!!!! If anyone ask me which of the 3 books is my favorite I would not be able to answer that because I love each one of them. But to be completely honest I’m a bit sad with this book, and I’m going to tell you why.

For me Sara and Xanthus are the main characters, because the first book is about them and I know that almost all the characters are in the first book  as well, but I feel Sara and Xanthus are the most important. In the second book the story was more about Gretchen and Kyros but Sara and Xanthus were there from the beginning even though they were more in the behind scene. In this book the main characters were Triton and Nicole and is ok, they were entertaining and they’re story is supper good.   But Sara and Xanthus were MIA until chapter 18 or 20, something like that. Boy oh boy!!! but when they got to the story it was amazing. The whole group of Mermaids and Dagonians were there and it was just right.

When I started this book I was expecting something totally different. But never the less Triton was in trouble, not the kind I was thinking but I think in some way it was worst. Sara’s mom Nicole is an amazing woman and in this book you’ll understand why she is the way she is. I’m sure you’re going to love her like I did!  There are a few new characters that you’re going to like and some that you just going to hate!!!  What can I say about Xanthus, I just Love him.  I still think he is the best dagonian. It was funny to read how he and Triton interact with each other. Sara is so sweet and so powerful . I think even she is surprise about how powerful she is.

This book had me in a roller coaster of  mix emotions. It was funny, scary, romantic and suspense!!!! Can’t wait for Raging to come out!


I give this book 5 out of 5




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