Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall Review


Hi everyone!!


When I finish reading All Hallows at Eyre Hall I was so mad with Michael, because he broke all his promises to Jane.  But I was so happy when I start it reading Twelfth Nights at Eyre Hall and found that he was part of the story. I fell in love with this book like I did with the first one.  I’m not going to lie, it took me a few days to finish it. But it’s just that I was so worried about Jane and Michael that I was afraid to read bad news (LOL) silly me!!!

There are new characters on this book and I love the new Dr. Carter  I think he is so Professional and so sweet at the same time.  I hope that he get married with the woman he love. I think they make a great couple. I still don’t like Mr. Mason. But I think he got what he was asking for. Now I don’t know if is going to be the same for you, but let me tell you this. John (Jane’s son) is getting on my nerves. I think he is a spoiled brat. For me he is acting more and more like his father. He needs a good slap on the face.  Annette has become one of my favorite characters. I think she’s still a bit confuse about her feelings for John, but she knows that relationship is not what she wants. I love Nell, every time I read her name I think is me LOL!!!! I feel I’m part of the story.  I think fate brought her to Jane side.

I’m happy with the way the book ended but, I’m still worried and there still a few thing that have to be settle and get discover. I hope that the 3rd book bring the answers that I need. I can’t wait for book 3 to be out. For me Luccia Grey has done an amazing job with her books. The story are captivating from the beginning till the end. And the art cover of the books are just beautiful.  Now I need them in hard Cover for my library!

I give this book 5 out of 5




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