Serafina and the Black Cloak Review



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Let me star by saying that this is a wonderful book, full of Love and mystery!!!! Is a Disney Book for middlel grade audience. But I’m no were near that audience group and I was hook with the book.  It even got me a bit scared. It’s so well written that it will have you guessing who the bad guy is almost till the end.

The book is base in Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina in the 1899. The scene is breath taking and now I want to go there and stay there for one weekend. But back to the book. Serafina has live at Biltmore Estate almost all her life with her Pa. But they live in the basement in a hiding place that her Pa had build there.  She is not suppose to leave the basement but at night when her Pa is as sleep she venture around the house. Sometimes she even dare to go up during the day but she is a master in hiding from the rest of the people.

Braeden  is Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt’s nephew and he’s been living with them for two years. And he has his loyal companion dog Gidean how never leaves his side.  One day children start disappearing from Biltmore state and Serafina and Braeden take the task to discover what’s really happening and where are the missing children. I think you’re going to love how quickly and hones their friendship is. Even Gidean becomes Serafina’s friend.  They encounter a few scary situations and I think Serafina is very brave for a 12 year old girl. If I was Serafina I would’ve been mmm nop that looks scary I’m not going that way LOL!! but then it wouldn’t be such a good story. I don’t know if you’re going to feel the same way but I was very afraid of the Black Cloak. And not knowing how the bad guy was made its worst.

A part from  Serafina, Braeden and Gidean my favorite character is Serafina’s Pa. I think he loves and care for Serafina the best he can. Even thought they live in the basement he try to give her all he can and protect her. He taught  Serafina all about value and respect and that’s what help her to solve the mystery.

I can’t wait for the second book to come out to see what new adventure Serafina and Braeden find.

I give this book 5 out of 5




I will start with a big WOW!!! I really love this book. Have to say that in some occasions I was kind of scared and was really questioning if this book was really for kids, but kids are braver than me so I guess is a great book for them.  Serafina is such a brave 12 year old girl, she is and expert in hiding and she has a really important job in Biltimore State, she is the C.R.C. ( Chief Rat Catcher) and I have to say her job made her analyze situations better and find a way to handle things.  Her Pa is such a caring man that loves her so much and I like that he is always there when she needs him most.

Sereafina knew she wasn’t allow to go out and socialize with others but she couldn’t help her curiosity and liked to explore.  I love that she has a big heart and for her everybody is her friend even if they didn’t know she even existed.  She knew friends help each other and when she saw a “friend” in trouble she went out of her way to help and this is how she encounters the man in the black cloak for the first time.

Children started disappearing from the Baltimore State she made it her quest to save them. Serafina met Braeden and Gidean and made a special friendship and together they were ready to solve the mystery of the black cloak. This book is so full of mystery that I was at the edge of my seat trying to figure out who was the man in the black cloak, yeah yeah!! I have to admit that at some point everybody was a suspect in my mind. This book is so well done and interesting that I could not put it down. I didn’t found nothing boring or dull about this book. I really recommend this book and also I’m excited for the second book I can’t wait to read about Serafina, Braeden and Gidean new adventure.





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